About intimacy on stage & film

As a stunt coordinator coordinates violent scenes, an intimacy coordinator coordinates intimate scenes on stage & film. An intimacy coordinator is a liason between the director’s vision and the actors’ consent, built on transparency.

Following the #metoo movement in 2017, more and more production companies have engaged professional intimacy coordinators to ensure that best practices are used for stage, movie and television intimacy scenes. In October 2018, HBO adopted the policy of using intimacy coordinators for all of its series and films with intimate scenes. The first production was Sex Education (Netflix January 2019), which hired intimacy coordinator Ita O’Brien. O’Brien, who has developed the Intimacy on Set guidelines, is also the BBC’s first hired Intimacy Coordinator.

An intimate scene can be a kiss, simulated sex, nudity or, for example, childbirth. In Sweden, intimate scenes are coordinated by Malin B. Erikson under mentorship of Ita O’Brien.

photo: Roger Turesson DN

About Malin B. Erikson

Malin B. Erikson is intimacy coordinator, stage director and actor trainer. She holds a B.Sc in Pedagogy from Umeå University, a MA in Actor Training and Coaching from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.  Malin has also studied Directing at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Dramaturgy at RADA. 
In the spring and summer of 2019 she trained as an intimacy coordinator for stage and film with pioneer Ita O’Brien in London (Intimacy on Set) which has now transitioned to mentorship and collaboration.  

“I want to take Intimacy on Set to Sweden because I want to change the way how we work with intimate scenes in both theatre and film. The method and tools that I can offer actors and directors provide security, transparens and a clear structure and, by extension authentic scenes.”