Intimate scenes can often be challenging for both actors and directors. Not too infrequently, the actors are left to their own ability to improvise an intimate scene. Sometimes even without knowing each other or having time to talk through the scene. Just as a violent scene can cause external damage if not handled properly, an intimate scene can cause internal damage which is not visible on the outside – a feeling that can live on for years.

The process of developing a structure to work with intimate scenes has been going on in both the United States and the UK for several years, but it was not until the #metoo movement in the autumn of 2017 that the film and theatre industry actually began to demand a clear structure for intimate scenes.

The method was introduced in Sweden in the spring of 2019 when the pioneer Ita O’Brien visited both Scenkonstbiennalen in Sundsvall and Filmhuset in Stockholm, but it was not until August of 2019, when Malin B. Erikson started Intimitet på scen, TV och film after studying the method with Ita O’Brien in London, as the film and theater began to use intimacy coordination here in Sweden.

Photo: Roger Turesson DN


Malin is Sweden’s first intimacy coordinator, actor educator and stage director who has lived and worked around the world for more than 20 years. As of 2016 she is back in Sweden. She has studied Actor Training and Coaching (master) and Directing at the Royal Central School,  Pedagogy (B.Sc) at Umeå University and Dramaturgy at RADA. Malin has also studied film science and theater history.

Malin is engaged in Stage 3 of the training, under the mentorship of Intimacy Coordinator, Ita O’Brien, Founder of Intimacy On Set in the UK. Today, Malin is part of a network of intimacy coordinators from different parts of the world. Please click here  for Malin’s education relevant to intimacy coordination.

Malin regularly holds workshops, lecturing, consulting, coordinating and choreographing intimate scenes on stage, TV and film.

Malin is the co-founder of Nordic Intimacy Coordinators (NIC)