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Intimate scenes are often challenging for both actors and directors. Just as a violent scene can cause external damage if not handled properly, an intimate scene can cause internal damage that is not visible on the outside. Therefore, it is important that anyone who ever comes into contact with an intimate scene is equipped with a method based on transparency and consent.

During this workshop participants will have a unique opportunity to explore new tools in their work with intimate scenes, both through the ethical guidelines and the method developed by Intimacy on Set regarding intimacy, simulated sex and nudity on stage, TV and film.

Photo: Staffan Lindbom BLT

Photo: Petronella Borseman


During this lecture, industry professionals in performing arts, television and film (such as producers, directors, actors, directors, costumers, artistic directors, managers, etc.) are introduced to Intimacy on Set’s ethical guidelines and method in the work of intimacy, simulated sex, and nudity.

The lecture opens up discussion about how together we can not only create authentic scenes, but also create transparency and a better working environment for everyone involved.


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