This workshop is aimed towards actors and directors , though it is also beneficial for any person working with theatre, TV, and film. It is based on the guidelines created by Intimacy on Set and includes practical work. The workshop focuses on how to create a safe space in which the actors can be open.  Through physical exercises, the actors will work on characterization while maintaining a separation between private and professional expression. In groups, participants will explore through role-play the creation of consent as well as the process of defining the physical and emotional journey of an actor’s character.

The workshop is a one-day introduction to the Intimacy on Set method. There is also an option for a second day of workshopping for those interested in a deeper understanding of the method. The workshop does not include any nudity or simulated sex. 

The video is from an Intimacy on Set workshop in London. 

Photo: Petronella Borseman

The seminar gives an introduction to the Intimacy on Set method for producers, directors, actors, assistant directors, designers, and other creatives involved.  
The seminar introduces the Intimacy on Set guidelines as well as best practice approaches to nudity, simulated sex, and intimacy on stage, TV, and film.  

The seminar provides an opportunity to discuss how the intimacy on set guidelines affects different roles in stage, TV, and film as well how we can work together to create a safe space for actors and directors.