Intimacy on Set guidelines provide a clear structure and transparency for both director and actor, from the very first audition all the way to set or stage. 

An intimacy coordinator structures and choreographs the intimate scene based on the director’s vision.  By methodically breaking down the scene into beats, all physical content is planned through consent which provides transparency and and safety for everyone involved. After the actors have agreed on touch, they add the emotional moments and finally text. 

The work with an intimacy coordinator begins with an initial conversation about the production. After reading the script, the relevant scenes are discussed with the director or FAD.
The intimacy coordinator prepares the work by being in contact with relevant professionals and departments.  Once on set or rehearsal, work is done according to schedule. After the work is completed, a follow up with the actors are done. 


photo: Roger Turesson DN

Watch the film ‘Staged sex: how an intimacy coordinator works with actors on sex scenes’ by The Guardians with intimacy coordinator Ita O’Brien.