Owen Teague Talks Filming His First Sex Scene With an Intimacy Coordinator

The Wrap – December 2019 At the tender age of 19, Owen Teague found himself filming the first sex scene of his career. The actor, known for the role of Patrick Hockstetter in the 2017 remake of “It” and its sequel, plays the young Julian Spitzer in HBO’s “Mrs. Fletcher.” Based on the novel by […]

I did my first sex scene after #MeToo. But I know more change is needed

The Guardian – November 2019 Filming my first sex scene prompted an onslaught of questions from friends (their eyes gleaming with mischief): were you naked? How naked? Did he get an erection? You didn’t actually have sex, though, did you? Considering how much on-screen sex we consume, it’s remarkable how little we know about how […]

Koordinerad intimitet på samhällets botten

Expressen – November 2019 Häromveckan stod det att läsa i DN (15/10) om hur regissören Malin B. Erikson, dessutom landets första så kallade intimitetskoordinator, brukar arbeta med sexscener tillsammans med skådespelare genom en metod som utarbetats i spåren av metoo, där samtycke och transparens är ledorden i processen fram till en trovärdig känsla av hängivelse. Ett välkommet initiativ […]

Emma Mackey admits fearing she was too ‘prudish’ for Sex Education role

Evening Standard – November 2019 “I was like ‘you might as well just try’ but reading the script, I was so taken aback by it. I was like ‘I can’t, I don’t know if I can’. I was quite prudish about it all anyway. “Luckily like we were just really well looked after from start […]

Safe sex on set: the rise of intimacy coaches

The Guardian – October 2019 In the wake of #MeToo, scenes are being choreographed like fights or dances to set boundaries for actors How do you stop people being groped in the workplace when consensual groping is part of the job? It’s a question that the film and TV industries have been increasingly agonising over […]

Hon är Sveriges första och enda intimitetskoordinator

Sveriges Radio Kulturnytt i P1- oktober 2019 Malin B. Erikson beskriver sig själv som en stuntkoordinator för intima scener. Nyligen har hon anlitats av Riksteatern i Stockholm. Malin B. Erikson har varit i England för att studera till intimitetskoordinator, och har nyligen anlitats av Riksteatern i Stockholm för att koordinera intima scener i deras uppsättningar. […]