Intimacy coordinators are changing Hollywood sex scenes for good

Vanity Fair – August 2019 The work intimacy coordinators do is complex and multifaceted. It requires a few skill sets that don’t necessarily always coincide in a single professional—including choreography, contract negotiation, and emotional intelligence. Ita O’Brien, who has worked as an actor, dancer, movement director, massage therapist, and, now, an intimacy coordinator on productions including […]

How Hollywood is fixing its problem with sex

The Time – July 2019 The film industry has responded to abuses of power by encouraging the presence of intimacy consultants during the shooting of nude scenes. Ita O’Brien, Britain’s first intimacy co-ordinator, has worked on the TV shows Sex Education and Gentleman Jack. She has facilitated agreements on which body parts can be touched […]

Faith Penhale: #METOO paved way for intimacy directors

Broadcast – May 2019 The growing use of intimacy directors in the industry is a sign of progress, according to Gentleman Jack executive producer Faith Penhale. Talking at a screening of Sally Wainwright’s BBC1 period drama last week, Penhale said the #metoo movement had led to the creation of a role in an area of […]

A look behind the luscious sex scenes on LGBTI tale Gentleman Jack

Gay Star – May 2019 Creator Sally Wainwright brought an intimacy coordinator on board to choreograph the (many) sex scenes on the series. And it shows. What we may now call a butch lesbian, Anne Lister ‘wanted to deny her own femininity and didn’t want to show her own breasts and wanted to give pleasure to […]

Lesbian drama Gentleman Jack plays it safe bt employing intimacy co-cordinator

The Times – May 2019 She is known as Britain’s first modern lesbian: a 19th-century Yorkshire landowner who chronicled her passionate sexual encounters with women in code in her voluminous diaries. When the code is deciphered for viewers of BBC One’s much-anticipated new drama about the life of Anne Lister, they can be sure of […]

Sex instructor brought in to help lesbian love scenes in Suranne Jones drama

Mirror – May 2019 A “intimacy director” was brought into Suranne Jones’s new drama to mastermind her lesbian love scenes. In Gentleman Jack, Suranne plays Anne Lister, a 19th century lesbian landowner given her nickname because of her taste for dark, masculine clothes. The production’s intimacy director Ita O’Brien, who has worked on a wide […]

In sex scenes, the injuries are often not visible

WELT – May 2019 MeToo has created a new profession: Intimacy Coordinators like Ita O’Brien are supposed to make sure that there are no assaults when shooting erotic scenes. The sex in the film can only be better. Read more… 

How Suranne Jones prepared for her lesbian sex scenes in Gentleman Jack

Cosmopolitan – May 2019 Anne Lister also happened to love women, and enjoyed a healthy sex life, so the Doctor Foster actor says the show’s creator – award-winning writer Sally Wainwright – hired an intimacy co-ordinator so that she could depict the sex scenes convincingly and with sensitivity.“I was quite nervous about the sex scenes […]

Intimacy expert for lesbian sex scenes in period drama Gentleman Jack

Evening Standard – May 2019 The actress said she it was “liberating” to work with Ita O’Brien. “I was quite nervous about the sex scenes we had to do, because I thought they should be approached as sensitively as they could be,” she told the Daily Mirror.“One of the great things she brought was an […]