An intimacy coordinator choreographs and coordinates scenes that involves intimacy, nudity and simulated sex on stage, TV and film. The intimacy coordinator works closely with the director, holds preparatory and follow-up conversations with actors, coordinates with other professions such as costume designer, mask, 1st AD, etc. and, together with the director and actor, choreographs the scene for deeper narrative.

An intimacy coordinator acts as a facilitator and an impartial third person in the production. By carefully breaking down the scene in detail, the actors have a greater freedom to deepen their character work and the risk of personal boundaries being exceeded are diminished.

Intimacy coordination is becoming more common all over the world and today HBO, Netflix and BBC use intimacy coordinators for their productions. The work of developing a structure to work with intimate scenes has been going on in both the US and England for several years, but it was only with #metoo, in the autumn of 2017, that film, TV and theater actually began to demand a common framework for intimate scenes.

In Sweden, the method was first introduced in August 2019 when Malin B. Erikson took over the baton as Sweden’s first intimacy coordinator when she started Intimitet på scen, TV och film (Intimacy on Stage, TV och Film).

From Belfast Girls. Photo: Roger Turesson DN


Malin is originally a stage director and acting trainer who has lived and worked around the world for over 20 years. Movement, embodiment, emotions and stage presence have always been central parts of her work.She has studied Actor Training and Coaching (master) and Directing at the Royal Central School,  Pedagogy (B.Sc) at Umeå University and Dramaturgy at RADA. 

Malin introduced intimacy coordination in Sweden in August 2019 as Sweden’s first intimacy coordinator after training with pioneer Ita O’Brien (Watchmen (HBO), Sex Education (Netflix) and Normal People (Hulu). Malin continued to train with Ita O’Brien until August 2020 and meets required expertise, training and experience + additional requirements according to Sag-Aftra’s Standards and Protocols for the Use of Intimacy Coordinators.  

Malin is a member of The Intimacy Practitioners’ Guild (IPG) and the co-founder of Nordic Intimacy Coordinators (NIC) and is today part of a larger network of intimacy coordinators from different parts of the world. 

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