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For many companies, it has become more a rule than the exception to use an intimacy coordinator for scenes involving intimacy, nudety, simulated sex och sexual violence. In the wake of #metoo, awareness has been increased and responsibility for the safety and well-being of actors and teams has been taken to a greater extent than before. More and more producers are seeing the great benefits of having an intimacy coordinator on the team.

As an intimacy coordinator, Malin work closely with the director and actors. Just as a stunt coordinator would work with a scene involving falls, fights or any form of risk-taking, the intimacy coordinator has an overall responsibility for the intimate scenes and is available throughout the process from breaking down scripts, do risk assessments, carry our protocols, talking and planning with the director, facilitating conversations with actors, coordinating with departments, choreographing and rehearsing, participating on set when the intimate scene/s being filmed and being the support for actors, director and team. 

By choreographing the scene and breaking it down in detail, it creates security for the actors and space to deepen their character work while at the same time minimizing the risks of crossing boundaries or creating discomfort.

The industry meeting 2022 - Intimacy Coordination.

In March 2022 Film & TV Producers, SF Studios, the Swedish Film Institute and the Union Scene & Film hold an industry meeting to discuss how the Swedish film and TV industry can work with intimate scenes in a more structured way – both to create a safe and inclusive work environment and to contribute to increased quality.

As part of this conversation Malin was invited, together with director Goran Kapetanović and actor Aliette Opheim, to talk about their collaboration during the work on the TV series Knutby (starts at 40:50)

Other participants are Yarit Dor, intimacy coordinator (UK), Jan Blomgren, chairman of the Film & TV Producers’ drama section, Kristina Linglöf, HR and communications manager at SF Studios and Simon Norrthon, chairman of Scen & Film.


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MOTH TO A FLAME – The Weeknd & Swedish House Mafia
Director: Alexander Wessely / Producer: Joel Rostmark, Adam Holmström, Andrea Gyllenskiöld / Produced by: Pine / DP: Erik Henriksson

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