Intimacy coordination is relatively new and a large part of Malin’s work is therefore about spreading knowledge. Increased knowledge provides a common framework and creates a common language and tools that lead to security, which in the long run leads to the deepening of intimate scenes where the narrative may be in focus.

Since 2019, Malin has tailored workshops, courses, seminars and lectures for productions, theaters, schools and organizations. She is often invited to panel discussions and interviews. During the pandemic, much of this is held digitally, but physical encounters are also possible if they take place in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s guidelines.

Photo: Roger Turesson DN / From Belfast Girls, Batalj Scenkonst


In intimacy workshops, participants get to reflect on concepts such as intimacy, integrity and consent. This is done by exploring the method that Malin herself uses when she choreographs intimate scenes, the participants get the opportunity to explore how personal boundaries can be transformed into freedom and possibilities.

Workshops are mainly designed for actors and directors but can also be adapted for other professions in film and performing arts.

NOTE! These workshops are held physically and are therefore not possible to conduct during the current pandemic.

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Foto: Thomas Hultgren


During this lecture, Malin goes through how to create a safer workplace with the help of guidelines and a clear framework around intimacy and nudity. The lecture is tailored to the needs and target group. 

The lecture is suitable for all different professions in performing arts, film, TV and takes place via zoom or in person in accordance with FHM restrictions.

Malin is also available for different types of panel discussions.

What do actors and director say?

Listen to director Lisa Färnström and actor Dejmis Rustom Bustos discuss their view on intimacy coordination (in Swedish) and how actors and directors need to intimacy coordination in their education.

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